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Quality Cooked Chicken

Working together with our food technologist we have implemented a quality control system, incorporating HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), ensuring our customers can have total confidence in the quality of our products. Our experienced production staff, working under general manager, Keith Ward, are key to maintaining the consistent quality, which we believe is second to none.

Quality Chicken Products

Our cooked chicken portions are available in a number of weight ranges and pack sizes. Our state of the art meat grader ensures every portion is packed into the correct weight range and is accurate to 0.5gms.

Frozen Chicken Products

As an important part of our quality control system, products are passed through our sophisticated metal detector which detects all metals down to 2.5mm.

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All products are kept in our 300 pallet cold store. This is kept at a constant -28ºC to ensure all our goods are in the very best condition when they are dispatched. Deliveries are daily across the British Isles.

Chicken Portions Packaging Chicken Portions Packaged